Caribbean Energy Opportunities, LLC, is involved in large utility grade systems but our unique specialty is hybrid mini-grids.

These are privately owned and financed systems specifically designed and constructed to meet and control the cost of the energy requirements of a large consumer of electricity. Resorts, schools, food markets, warehouses, ports, offices, condominiums, apartment complexes, and retail businesses are just a few of the entities that are candidates for a hybrid mini-grid.

Defining our terms

Hybrid simply means that energy originates from at least two different sources. For example, electricity could come from wind turbines, photovoltaics, fuel cell, geo-thermal, a public utility, stored energy device, private diesel generator, hydro resources anything really.

Mini-Grid just refers to the private and dedicated use of the system to a particular location and consumer.

At Caribbean Energy Opportunities, LLC, we live and breathe this stuff. After all, energy is our middle name. Call us.

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