Tourists love air conditioning.

They also expect 100% satisfaction 100% of the time. And they have a right to.

However, no resort can intelligently budget and plan when energy costs are fluctuating and the long term trend is toward unsustainably high costs for public utility generated electricity. This is particularly the case for Caribbean and Atlantic islands which are so dependent upon petroleum based energy.

CEO works with the hospitality industry to understand current and future energy requirements. Of course, this also reflects the unique seasonality of the demand.

We analyze the available wind and sun resources as well as the available land and roof space for placement of wind, photovoltaic and high efficiency diesel generators. Along with our partners, we also determine if there may be savings to be realized through conversion to high efficiency illumination and cooling systems.

We then present a comprehensive energy strategy designed to provide immediate cash flow relief, the ability to project with substantial certainty your costs of energy for the next ten to twenty years, and “nothing down” financing options.

Yes, tourists will continue to love air conditioning. Call us.

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