As an independent energy development company, Caribbean Energy Opportunities, LLC, understands that no matter how elegant or useful the technology, finance is the name of the game.

Certainly the businesses that have the financial resources to fund an alternative energy solution are encouraged to do just that. The return on investment over the decades of useful life, as represented by reduced electricity expense, will significantly exceed 10% per year. Potentially a great deal more given the trend in petroleum costs.

For those without cash on hand to fund an energy solution we have several options. At the heart of all of these financing strategies is the expectation that the customer’s monthly electricity costs will be reduced, and controlled. Some of these savings can be retained by the customer resulting in immediate cash flow relief. The balance of the savings can be repurposed to paying the debt service on the renewable energy system. Through this transition the funds that were once paid out as a pure (and uncontrolled) expense now become part of a capital improvement and wealth building strategy.

Other approaches include lease programs and power purchasing agreements. Each has its own advantages but are well beyond this limited discussion. Suffice to say that Caribbean Energy Opportunities, LLC has the expertise and access to capital to make it work.

Energy is at the heart of your future financial plan – let us help. Call us today.

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