Due to the very nature of sun and wind their energy is intermittent, which is to say not smooth or steady. As a result a wind or photovoltaic system alone is not a reliable or useful means to support a business or a community. Rather, until recently, the best one could hope for was to use wind or solar to supplement public utility or private diesel generation.

A solid and reliable “base load”, such as the public utility, has been necessary and this fact alone has been the single greatest impediment toward the essential and urgent transition away from fossil fuels and toward solar and wind resources.

Key to solving this problem is large scale energy storage and the technology to capture excess electricity when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing, for release during those moments, or even days, when the fickleness of the sun and wind demand a ready substitute. Even a small amount of energy storage can make a significant difference in the practical use of wind and solar generation.

This is why an international crash effort is underway to develop more efficient and economic energy storage technology. Fortunately, there already exist several proven and affordable systems that are currently available for use in the Caribbean and Atlantic islands. Caribbean Energy Opportunities, LLC, is a leader in understanding and employing these products and systems. Call us today.

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