Condominiums, and similar owner occupied multi-family communities, all face the same challenge. Sky rocketing energy costs are absorbing all available cash forcing increases in owner assessments as well as deferred maintenance resulting in a degradation of property aesthetics and value.

These energy costs have become impossible to predict, but are trending inevitably higher.

Fortunately, two of the few technologies that have actually gone down in cost are photovoltaics and wind. Add to this the large scale energy storage and power management systems that are now proven and available – and there is hope for the future.

Caribbean Energy Opportunities, LLC, works with community associations and managers to understand their current and future energy requirements. We analyze the available wind and sun resources as well as the available land and roof space available for placement of wind, photovoltaic, energy storage and high efficiency diesel generators.

Along with our industry partners, we also determine if there may be savings to be realized through conversion to high efficiency illumination and cooling systems.

We then present a comprehensive energy strategy designed to provide immediate relief, the ability to project with substantial certainty your costs of energy for the next ten to twenty years, and “nothing down” financing options.

We can make a dramatic, immediate, and positive difference.

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